entry level job description

🚀 associate, graduate scheme

this is just an overview of what a job description looks like. we’ll add specifics on a case by case basis for each recruitment round!

❤️ about somos


  • somos is transforming the world of online language teaching, offering an all-in-one toolkit that empowers teachers to earn and live well while making a meaningful impact 🌍
  • as a social enterprise, we're dedicated to valuing teachers, championing language, migrant, and worker rights, and creating opportunities for co-ownership within our global community.
  • our unique platform brings together teachers, learners, activists, and grassroots organizations to share, protect, and celebrate languages, cultures, and people.
  • what sets somos apart:
    • 🤝 we help teachers build direct, meaningful connections with students
    • 🧰 our tools enable teachers to host communities, create & sell digital products, teach classes & courses
    • 🌱 we're passionate about supporting heritage, indigenous, and endangered languages
    • 🥳 no monthly fees, with co-ownership opportunities through our rewards program
  • our vision is a world where:
    • ✨ language teachers thrive in a supportive online ecosystem
    • ✨ learners access a wide range of educational options, preserving endangered languages and cultural heritage
    • ✨ language rights are respected and celebrated
    • ✨ migration is recognized as a fundamental human right in theory and practice
  • at somos, we value warmth, flexibility, and patience in our purpose-driven approach to achieving our mission.

our traction

  • somos is an early stage, pre-revenue business.
  • we’ve raised $100k+ in pre-seed funding in year one and are excited about growing the business, launching our core product and building out the team!
  • more about our team & story here.


  • somos is a social enterprise building a global community of teachers, learners, activists & grassroots activists sharing, protecting & celebrating languages.
  • we have a unique ownership model that allocates equity ownership for our team, teachers & grassroots community organisations.
  • 1% of gross merchandising value that flows through somos goes to our impact fund which proudly supports:
    • ⭐️ refugees & migrants in diaspora
    • ⭐️ the protection & promotion of language rights
    • ⭐️ mental health & wellbeing
    • ⭐️ broader access to digital services for systematically excluded cultures & groups.

⏩ fast facts

  • role type: full time.
  • level: entry level
  • location: remote (we an entirely remote organisation).
  • deadline to apply: applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • start date: [note: to be discussed with applicant].
  • working week: 4 days/30 hours (paid for 5 days/37.5 hours).

💰 compensation

  • salary: [note: this will be explicitly stated in the actual job description. for reference, we use being 7 to 8x living or minimum wage (whichever is higher) to calculate starting pay].
  • day 1 bonus: equivalent of one week’s salary paid as a bonus at the end of your first day to help with cashflow.
  • birthday bonus: $50 on your birthday
  • anniversary bonus: $100 on your work anniversary every year
  • option scheme:

⭐️ other benefits

  • personal leave allowance:
    • 24 days total paid leave/year (including public holidays)
    • 8 days (i.e two work weeks) must be taken consecutively at least once a year. we want to make sure you have a proper recharge!
    • the business closes for the last week of the year and the first week of the new year. everyone has this time as a two week break.
  • monthly cash subsidies to cover a range of activities:
    • wellness
    • education
    • digital access
  • personal development:

💚 what will the role involve?

  • [to be completed on a role by role basis]

💫 skills & experience

this is an entry level role so please don’t worry too much about past experience!
  • it would be great if
    • our mission & vision resonated with you.
    • you love to learn!
    • you are self-aware + happy to ask for help when you need it.
    • it’s important to you that our teachers + students have as good an experience as possible on the platform.
    • you are coachable + your personal development is important to you.
    • you like to get things done!
    • you have good attention to detail and are thoughtful when considering others.
  • it would be an added bonus if
    • you’re flexible! as an early stage startup, somos is (and will be) changing all the time and this role is likely to develop too.
    • you can speak more than one language!
  • you don’t need to worry about
    • having had experience with the tech stack we use. we’ll work on this together and make sure you get whatever training + coaching you need.
    • having worked at a startup before.

🛣 process

round 1:

  • format: interview with founder/ceo (khawar malik) over google meet.
  • duration: 30 to 45 minutes.
  • topics we’ll be covering:
    • you/your profile
    • your understanding of what it might be like working at an early stage startup
    • why you want to work at somos
    • any questions you might have
  • things you can do to help you prepare:
    • re-visit your profile/experience
    • take a good look at the somos website
    • look into the language learning industry including companies you think may be our competitors

round 2:

  • format: meet the team over google meet.
  • duration: 30 to 45 minutes
  • topics we’ll be covering:
    • this will be an opportunity to meet other team members who joined in entry level roles and ask them questions!

❓ faqs

who can i contact if i have questions?

😎 accessibility & inclusion

please provide us with phonetic pronunciation of your name to ensure we say it correctly during interviews.
if you have preferred pronouns, please feel free to let us know.
interviews will take place on google meet and we’ll have captions turned on.
please let us know if you have any other requirements.